The Kuta Cowboy effect: White couple goes to Vietnam. White girl leaves boyfriend for a local Vietnamese guy and stays. Coping Pinkies on suicide watch.

Rich Danish guy gives up his high salary job to travel the world with his girlfriend. They end up visiting Vietnam where the Danish girl leaves her boyfriend for a local Vietnamese beachbum and stays.

Viet Slayer. South East Asian jungle man. Nordic girl.


Thick Mongoloid hair. Tattoos. No pink skin neckbeard aspie autismo level retardation.


Jungle loving and shit. Dat Viet Cong D.


Fall in love with Vietnam, fall in love with Viet slayers.


You know the sex is good. lol.


Jungle + Beaches + Mongoloid man = Golden Bull to cuck all the pinkies. The real Tarzan.


Slayer. Asian Chad.


Follow the Balinese brothers to Bulldom.

BaliBali (2)Bali (3)Bali (4)Bali (5)Bali (6)

Fulfill your duty. Whip out your Golden dick. Cuck a pinkie boi.



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