White Supremacy Demolished Part III: Once you go Native, there’s no need for pasties




Quanah Parker (Comanche kwana, “smell, odor”) (c. 1845 or 1852 – February 23, 1911) was a Comanche war leader of the Quahadi (“Antelope”) band of the Comanche people. He was born into the Nokoni (“Wanderers”) band, the son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, an Anglo-American, who had been kidnapped as a child and assimilated into the tribe.

Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter, Topʉsana (Prairie Flower), in 1861

Cynthia Ann Parker, or Naduah (Comanche Narua)[6] (c. 1825 – March 1871)[1][2] was an Anglo-American who was kidnapped in 1836, at the age of about ten (possibly as young as 8 or already over 11 – her birth year is uncertain), by a Comanche war band, who had massacred her family’s settlement. Her Comanche name means “someone found.” She was adopted by the Comanche and lived with them for 24 years, completely forgetting her white ways. She married a Comanche chieftain, Peta Nocona, and had three children with him, including the last free Comanche chief, Quanah Parker.

At approximately age 34, she was relocated by the Texas Rangers, but spent the remaining ten years of her life refusing to adjust to life in white society. At least once, she escaped and tried to return to her Comanche family and children, but was again brought back to Texas. She found it difficult to understand her iconic status to the nation, which saw her as having been redeemed from the Comanches. Heartbroken over the loss of her family, she stopped eating and died of influenza in 1871.

White racists who didn’t want her to live as a Native American with her family killed her. No compassion. Soulless.

This is what happened, from the beginning.

Peta Nocona just being a strong Golden man. Slayer.

Roman Gabriel (1)Roman Gabriel (2)Roman Gabriel (2)Roman Gabriel (3)

Sees Cynthia Parker. He likes what he’s seeing. Comes to take what’s his.


Romance unfolds. Shit’s getting hot. Gold and Ivory.

stolen women captured hearts (2)stolen women captured hearts (6)stolen women captured hearts (1)stolen women captured hearts (1)stolen women captured hearts (4)stolen women captured hearts (7)stolen women captured hearts (3)stolen women captured hearts (5)


Making goodlooking hapakids who go on to fight evil pinkies.

btfo (1)btfo (2)btfo (3)btfo (4)btfo (5)

Golden slayers. Golden Mongoloid unity.





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