Sand Niggroid self-proclaimed ‘MMA fighter of 8 years’, intrudes a condominium and gets EASILY overpowered by a Gurkha security guard within seconds

In typical sand niggroid fashion, gets his ass kicked with multiple eye witnesses, still faking tough.


Live from USJ ONE condo. MMA fighter took on the guard that not allowed him to go up the condo.

P.S. This guy came over the condo wanted to look for his friend to collect his debt. But the so called friend dont want to meet him or didnt come down to meet him. He asked the guards to let him go up the condo. The guards refused to let him go up. He got frustrated and argued with the small size guard. Then he took out his sweater and eager to fight the guard. He threw the first punched before any video was taken. He did not say sorry whatsoever after he threw the punched.( he claimed he said sorry which is not logic). They both kicking each other in between the incidents before he brought down by multiple guards.

After that, you can see most of the incidents in the video. The guards tied him up. He sat on the floor and cursed and threatened the guards for more than 15 mins. Boasting all his MMA and fighting abilities. He even told the police “that he is very active in the martial arts or muay thai(couple of years for this n that). But he chose not to fight the guards further.”

The CCTV recorded everything according to the management. This is a clear cut incident without framing anyone or fake captions to get attentions.



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