Biggest Dick in the World – A Mongoloid Singaporean stud has it

Singaporean man celebrates after his penis is officially confirmed as world’s longest


A 26-year old man from Singapore now officially has the world’s longest penis after he was measured by the world record authority at his home in Bukit Panjang earlier this week.
The new world record holder, who requested to be identified only as Daniel to protect his identity, spoke to journalists at a press conference held after the measurement ceremony. “I am just thrilled at this, as you can imagine,’ he told reporters.


“For many years I have been researching supplements and exercises that are rumored to boost penis length, and a few months ago I finally hit upon something that really worked.” For obvious reasons, Daniel declined to reveal what his secret is, but it’s certainly paid off.
Prior to Daniel’s record breaking measurement, the world’s longest penis was a title held by American man Jonah Falcon, who set the record with a measurement of 13.5 inches (34 cm) when fully erect back in 1999. Since then, many men around the world have attempted to take the crown, but all have failed – until now.
Daniel’s penis was officially measured at 13.9 inches (35.3 cm) when fully erect by the world record judges, earning him the title of world’s longest. It was a remarkable achievement for Daniel, particularly as he has not always had such a long penis.
“In my younger days, I had a fairly average penis. It wasn’t particularly short, but it was definitely not as long as it is now. Unlike a lot of previous world record holders who won the genetic lottery and were already born with large packages, I’ve had to work really hard to achieve this.”

To say that he almost tripled in length from supplements or exercises is a bit far fetched. I’m happy for the man, but it seems like he’s trying to make a profit out of it.


While having an extra long penis might sound like a blessing, Daniel did reveal that it has made some aspects of life a bit harder. “Unfortunately my girlfriend broke up with me because I was just too big for her,” he told reporters. “Finding a suitable partner is going to be pretty tough, but hopefully there’s a girl out there who can handle [my penis].”
The previous world record holder, Jonah Falcon, gained notoriety in 2012 after he was stopped by airport security officials at San Francisco Airport due to the bulge in his pants. The security officers suspected Falcon had something hidden in his pants, but a full body scan revealed it was only his penis.
CRJXLwhVEAAC8WX.jpg large
When asked about his future plans, Daniel told journalists he was considering a career in pornography. “I unfortunately was unable to attend the recent JAV auditions in Singapore, but I do plan to go to the KL casting next month.” If that doesn’t work out, Daniel may travel to the United States, where he’s already received some offers from leading adult movie producers.
“Ever since the world record was announced I’ve received heaps of phone calls and emails about job offers and product endorsements,” he said. “My preference is definitely to become a JAV actor, but I’m definitely open to other opportunities.”
Meanwhile in Europe

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